FOR OVER 30 YEARS, Allen Health Care Services has proudly offered New York City, Long Island and Westchester area clients the highest quality in personal care assistance, home health aide and homemaker services.

We are committed to caring for and improving the lives of the patients we serve. Our PAVE Program represents this ongoing commitment to providing a higher level of care and an exemplary patient experience. Through PAVE, we conduct regular surveys with our patients and their families to gather important feedback about the quality of our home health aides (HHA) and the services they provide.

Real-time dashboards highlight quality-driven metrics and quickly show our successes and areas that may need improving. Tracking and trending data at the patient level and beyond helps us actively improve our quality of services. Through PAVE, we are able to stay focused on preventative care while consistently striving to improve patient experiences and achieve healthier outcomes.


What We Track:

QUALITY OF CARE – Overall quality of HHA care
COMPASSION – HHA’s politeness, respect and dignified treatment of patient
TIMELINESS – Prompt appointment arrival time
PERSONALIZATION OF CARE – Patient-involvement in care decisions


PAVE Program Stats


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