Question: What is CDPAP?

Answer: CDPAP, or Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program, is a New York State Medicaid program that allows consumers to recruit, hire, and direct their own home care workers. The Program allows Consumers the flexibility to hire family members and friends to care for them in the Consumer’s own home. The Program is designed to provide the Consumer an alternative to an assigned Aide by Home Care Servicing agency, and to allow the consumer more choice and flexibility in home care.


Question: How do I qualify as a Consumer?

Answer: You must have Medicaid or be eligible for Medicaid, require home care, and be self-directing, or have a representative that can direct your care. To be self-directing, one must be capable of making choices regarding one’s activity of daily living and the management of his or her consumer directed personal assistants; understand the impact of these choices; and assumes responsibly for the results of these choices.

Additional factors may assist in determining qualifications for CDPAP, please contact a CDPAP representative at 718-689-1252 to learn more regarding qualifications for CDPAP.


Question:  Who could become my Personal Assistant?

Answer: The Program allows Consumers the flexibility to hire family members and friends to care for them. The person must be an adult who is not “legally responsible” for a Medicaid consumer’s care and support may be a CDPAP Personal assistant for the Consumer. The person must also agree

Excluded from being a Personal Assistant are:

However, a parent of an adult child (21 years of age or older) may serve as that adult child’s CDPAP Personal Assistant.


Question:  How is my personal assistant trained?

Answer: Consumers train them to perform the tasks they need done – whether those tasks are medical or not.


Question: What is a Fiscal Intermediary?

Answer: Fiscal Intermediary, or FI, acts as the payroll agent for the Consumer and Personal assistant. Allen Health Care Services will be the FI. The fiscal intermediary enters into an agreement with the Consumer which describers each party’s responsibilities under the consumer directed personal assistant program, including the FI’s responsibilities which include:

  • Processing each personal assistant’s wages; processing all income tax and other required wage withholdings; and complying with worker’s compensation, disability and unemployment requirements.
  • Maintaining records for each consumer, e.g. Plan authorizations
  • Maintaining personnel record for each consumer
  • Ensuring the health status of each personal assistant is assessed prior to rendering service.
  • Monitoring the consumer’s continuing ability to self-direct.


For more information regarding our CDPAP program, please call 718-689-1252 to speak to CDPAP representative today!