Allen Health Care ensures that we have appropriate channels through which concerns may be voiced regarding unethical or dishonest behavior.

No person will be subject to any threatened or actual discipline, harassment, penalty or other retaliation for voicing such concerns.


Everyone at Allen Health Care makes an important contribution to excellent patient care and to ethical, honest business practices.
Our success as a company rests on our excellent reputation, on teamwork, and requires sincere commitment to our patients and to each other.

If someone in our company acts unethically or dishonestly, it affects all of us, and diminishes the quality of services we are able to provide to our patients. In other words, it destroys much of the good work we are trying to do daily.

Corporate Compliance is a philosophy and practice of complying with the law and maintaining the highest degree of integrity each and every day. If you become aware of any unethical or dishonest situation at Allen, and you would like to report it, you may do so by contacting the President, the Director of Human Resources, your Department Director, or you may contact the Corporate Compliance Officer directly by any of the following means:

  • By Phone: call the Corporate Compliance Hotline: 718-689-1260
  • By E-mail:
  • In Person – see Jane Cooperman – Corporate Compliance

We all try to do the right thing at Allen. We bill only for those services provided to our patients. We sign in and out only for those hours that we actually work. We make sure we follow the plan of care for our patients. If a member of our team is not maintaining Allen’s commitment to Corporate Compliance, LET SOMEONE KNOW.